Case Study: $2,910 in Extra Revenue in One Month from a Single Product Upsell


Platform: BigCommerce (View Easy Upsell in the BigCommerce app store.)
Niche: Autographed Books
Upsell Type: Trigger Upsell
Primary Lesson: The power of A/B testing to increase conversions. sells autographed copies of books by actors, athletes, politicians, fiction authors, etc. They ship approximately 150k orders per year.

This case study details a simple trigger upsell on a single product. This single upsell generated $2,910 in extra revenue over the month.

Premiere Collectibles runs upsells on all their carts using a combination of trigger upsells and the “catch-all upsell”.

This particular upsell was a trigger upsell with Joe Namath’s “All the Way” book as the trigger and books by three other athletes as the upsell products. The upsell books were by Ray Allen (basketball), Cal Ripken Jr. (baseball), and Maria Sharapova (tennis). It’s notable that the upsell books were from athletes in other sports, as it means that they were somewhat less relevant than if they were by other football players or even other football players on Joe Namath’s primary team, the New York Jets.

Initial Upsell

The screenshot above shows the initial upsell. Joe Namath’s book was priced at $35, so the upsell products were roughly in that same range.

This upsell was converting at 2.75%, meaning that of everyone who placed Joe Namath’s book in their cart, 2.75% purchased an additional product from the upsell.

2.75% can be a good result depending on the niche, but they wanted to see if they could achieve a better result, so they ran an A/B test.

A/B Test

In the test, they modified the headline and slightly adjusted the description. The products were all kept the same (they display in a different order below because the option was selected to show the products in a random order).

The changes to the headline and description made a whopping difference! As shown below, the conversion rate went from 2.75% to 5.21%. In total, 73 additional products were purchased from the upsell pop-up.


Headline / Description

The initial headline (“Your Cart Qualifies for a Special Offer”) does often convert well for Premiere Collectibles. In this case, however, what was being offered wasn’t really a “Special Offer” because only one of the products was discounted.

Additionally, sports memorabilia is a huge category of collecting, so the headline “Want these for your collection?” makes a lot of sense.

Premiere Collectibles also sells many other genres of books, such as children’s books. Children’s books are most often purchased as gifts rather than for a collection. Therefore, a headline like “Want these for your collection?” wouldn’t make as much sense there. The success of the “Want these for your collection?” headline in this case demonstrates the importance of making headlines/descriptions relevant to the customer behavior involving the specific products included in the upsell.

Note that in this case, the text of the A/B test upsell simply informs customers that these other autographed books are also available. It’s not too pushy, which can turn customers off.

Upsell Product Pricing

Having upsell products that are much cheaper than the trigger product is often a strong way to drive conversions because it’s much more of a “no-brainer” for the customer. If they’re buying as $50 product, a $10 complementary product is a strong upsell because it doesn’t feel like it increases the cost of the cart much for the customer.

However, the upsell in this case study demonstrates that relevant products that are around the same price or even more than the target product can convert well too. Premiere Collectibles has even offered a $500 autographed Derek Jeter book as an upsell on a different $30 sports books and converted several of those.

Parting Thoughts

While Premiere Collectibles doesn’t mind if you copy their upsell text, it’s important to tailor your upsells to be most relevant to your customers and products. Therefore, it’d be best if you use the insights from this case study to come up with your own custom headlines and descriptions for your products.

There is much more that Premiere Collectibles could have tested. Of course, for A/B tests, it’s important not to change too many variables at once. If Premiere Collectibles did another A/B test for this product, they may test the product selections to see if a different set of upsell products would convert better. They might test whether three products is the optimal number here or whether 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6 would convert better.

This is just one trigger upsell out of many that Premiere Collectibles runs. You can imagine how much the additional revenue adds up. They also run a “catch-all upsell” so that every cart is shown an upsell.